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Wed May 12

Tae Min of SHINee starts a comeback plan with his third full-length album ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’

2020-07-31 16:39:59
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[by Ent Team] Tae Min of SHINee makes a comeback with prologue single ‘2 KIDS’ of his third full-length album.

A poster pre-announcing ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’, Tae Min’s third full-length album has been unveiled through all kinds of SNS accounts at midnight(12a.m) today, so it drew attentions from music fans all around the world.

Tae Min’s third full-length album, ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’ is scheduled to release ‘Act 1’ and ‘Act 2’ in order, starting with prologue single ‘2 KIDS’ that will be released on August 4th, so it is getting great attention.

In particular, it is enough to meet Tae Min’s music world that got more deeper as there is identity shown until now and concern and challenge of finding a new self as an artist on the third full-length album and the narrative is connected with movie-like stories and music throughout the prologue single and two albums.

In addition, Tae Min has completed his unique color as an solo artist based on his robust singing ability, excellent performance ability, stylish charm. He has made ‘Danger’, ‘Press Your Number’, ‘MOVE’, ‘WANT’ a hit in a row, which has proved his aspect on super ace, so the expectation on music and stage that will be shown on new album has become high.

On the other hand, prologue single ‘2 KIDS’ of Tae Min’s third full-length album is scheduled to be released through all kinds of music sites on the afternoon of 6 p.m, August 4th(photo: SM Entertainment).


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