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Fri Sep 18

‘Ten Years’ Wife Has changed...World-recognized Remain, main trailer release

2020-08-07 16:02:52
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[by Ent Team] The main preview for ‘Remain’ has been unveiled.

A movie ‘Remain(director: Kim Min Kyung)’ that decided to be released on August 27th has unveiled for the first time, which made it a hot issue.

‘Remain’ is a sensitive melo movie with high quality, depicting Su Yeon(Lee Ji Yeon) appears to enjoy a perfect marriage life seemingly, but she feels a sense of emptiness for some reasons and then happens to be in charge of dance therapy as an instructor and meets Jun Hee(Ha Jun) who makes her fall into the unaccountable feeling.

The main preview unveiled this time provokes curiosity, starting with Su Yeon’s spending the usual languid daily routine.

After that, the scenes with Se Hyeok(Kim Young Jae) and Su Yeon’s turning back from him make the relation between them dramatic.

It is enough to maximize a sense of emptiness Su Yeon feels on daily routine, adding the copy “The couple of 10 years who are closer to familiarity rather than love”.

She has been boring on her daily routine since before. Getting to work as a dance teacher and meeting Jun Hee make her start to change.

The copy “New feelings that came to her” alludes to new plot line, in harmony with subtle expression.

The copy “It has branched out into the section of Korea competition at the 20th Jeonju International Film Festival, it was nominated as Best Picture Award and Best Director Award at the 19th Milan International Film Festival, as Best Picture Award at 2020 Buenos Aires International Film Festival, the section of competition at 2020 Tours International Asia Film Festival” lets people know the excellence of ‘Remain’.

The copy “We are sometimes attracted by imperfect love” boosts the curiosity of prospective audiences about what feelings will swing among three characters.

‘Remain’ that has drawn attention through the main preview is scheduled to be released on August 27th. (photo: Film Company Oh Won )


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