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Fri Sep 18

Na Tae Joo of ‘Foreigners in Korea’, “Currently discussing of appearance in 2 Hollywood films”

2020-08-13 20:31:33
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[by Ent Team] Na Tae Joo has revealed that he is discussing his appearance in a Hollywood movie.

‘Foreigners in Korea’ of MBC Every, which will be broadcasting today (5th), is a special edition of leading sports mania in the entertainment business, and is planned to feature Sean, Choi Yeo Jin, comedians Kim Young Cheol and Na Tae Joo and act a quiz competition.

Trot singer, Na Tae Joo, had previously entered Hollywood and worked as an actor. In 2015, the career of playing with Hollywood stars such as Hugh Jackman, Amanda Cypress, and Rooney Mara surprised everyone.

When MC, Kim Yong Man, asked about the filming  episode, Na Tae Joo revealed, “Hugh Jackman called me a trailer and gave me ‘Korean Seaweed’. As it turns out, he likes Korean seaweed so much that he eats it every filming time. And he also said that Na Tae Joo would be good to be the next  hero of ‘Wolverine’”. And he also demonstrated his taekwondo skills that seduced Hollywood. In addition, saying “There are about 2 movies that I'm talking about now”, it made curious for future moves of Na Tae Joo.

According to this situation, Park Myung Soo was  overly chatty and said, “I have to take picture after it’s over. Nobody knows what’s going to happen”, then Okyere responded immediately, saying, “I’ve already taken it”, and turned the studio into howls of laughter.

Meanwhile, the unpredictable quiz competition of trot singer and action star, Na Tae Joo, can be confirmed via ‘Foreigners in Korea’ of MBC Everyone  at 8:30 p.m. today (5th). (Photo Source: Captured from ‘Foreigners in Korea’ of MBC Everyone)


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