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Sat Nov 28

On Full-Moon Festival in Hong Kong, what kind of food will it be good to eat?

2020-08-18 09:11:45
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[by Lim Jaeho] Full-Moon festival in Hong Kong, it is August 15th in the lunar calendar. What kinds of food will be eaten o the Full-Moon Festival, one of big holidays in Hong Kong?  The Full-Moon Festival is defined as one of the biggest festivals of the year for Hong Kong people.

Hong Kong people greatly celebrate the holiday and can appreciate lantern exhibitions or the Fire Dragon dance of Tai Hang. And it is the largest festival of Hong Kong that you can enjoy both splendid attractions and delicious food at the same time.
Lantern Festival

In season of the Full-Moon Festival, Hong Kong people have the custom of hanging lanterns and making wishes at each house. And because there are many Lantern festivals, if you want to appreciate splendid lanterns, it would be very good to watch these stuffs at the Full-Moon Festival. Also, there is a fire dance performance because they believe that they can defeat evil spirits. Through this performance, it is possible to watch the ultimate splendor, in harmony with its splendid lights and darkness. As it is a festival that everyone can enjoy together as one, if you are in Hong Kong during this period, why don't you to enjoy it?

Hong Kong people often enjoy eating Mooncake at the Full-Moon Festival, so what is Mooncake? Mooncake is cookie of Ming dynasty in China, made by symbolizing the shape of a round moon on the 15th of August in lunar month. There was a custom of dedicating to the moon with round fruits such as chestnuts, watermelons, pears and persimmons, and sharing and wishing happiness with close neighbors. It needs ingredients such as flour, sugar, starch syrup, dried fruits, and etc.
In Hong Kong, it is a cookie that is not usually eaten well but is specially made and eaten only at the Full-Moon Festival. Therefore, if you have a plan to visit Hong Kong in the season of the Full-Moon Festival, let's try these Mooncake. As there are various Mooncakes that is made from salted egg yolk to ice cream mooncake, it is possible to enjoy depending on your taste.

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