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Sat Nov 28

Mukbang contents that have hit both broadcasting and YouTube, What shall we eat?

2020-08-21 11:32:26
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[by Lim Jaeho] What is the hottest content on YouTube and broadcasting these days? There are so many contents to be loved, but isn't it 'Mukbang' among one of the most beloved content,  which has been continued for a long time? Not knowing why that you watch other people eat, but when watching it, it attracts appetite and is fun.

It is a definitely Mukbang that is also hot among dieters. That's because it can be a vicarious satisfaction. Like this, we're vicariously satisfied watching celebrities and YouTubers who eat what they want to eat at night. Let's find out what are  in the hot Mukbang these days.

Hyeri’ Jjajangmyon

She appeared on 'I Live Alone' of MBC and showed off Mukbang with Jjajangmyeon. The way of rolling the noodles as her  face and eating it in one bite make you to imitate it and feel like cool in your stomach. She looks cute and pretty on the outside, thanks to her well-eating appearance, she looks easy-going and more attractive. Why don't we follow Heyri to eat Jjajangmyeon today?

Seonghoon’s Ramen

Isn't it definitely ramen that can always eat comfortably in case of hunger? It is a late-night snack that the whole people with no option but to love as it is easy to cook and tastes good at home. This ramen makes us want to eat more when seeing others eating it. Seonghoon, an entertainer who can’t be missing when it called in Mukbang, also appeared on 'I Live Alone' of MBC and caused  headlines by introducing ramen Mukbang. As it is an easy food to enjoy anytime and anywhere, didn't the viewers who saw it immediately prepare water for ramen?

Goobne Chicken Goobne Chicken, a chicken that Seonghoon who is famous for Mukbang also loves.

There is a chicken that has become a headline  because Seonghoon is active as a model. It's Goobne Chicken. If you want to eat delicious food as much as the food that Song Hoon eats, let's enjoy Goobne Chicken. Original, a representative menu of Goobne Chicken, is attractive with its rich juices and is enjoyable without like or dislike by anyone with all ages and sexes. Red Pepper Basasak, which is another popular menu, is a menu that is enjoyable deliciously as ㄴspicy taste helps to control the oily but not too spicy. If you go to Tsim Sha Tsui branch in Hong Kong, as it is possible to enjoy this kind of delicious chicken with an excellent night view, why don't you visit Goobne Chicken store in Tsim Sha Tsui and try to eat the chicken? (Photo Source: MBC Entertainment Official YouTube, TV-People YouTube Channel, and Goobne Chicken Official Website)


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