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Fri Sep 18

‘Space Sweepers’, Yoo Hae Jin is challenging acting as a robot motion capture actor for the first time in Korean Films

2020-08-21 17:12:04
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[by Ent Team] Yoo Hae Jin showed an acting as a robot motion capture in ‘Space Sweepers’.

‘Space Sweepers’ is a film about crew members of the space garbage cleaning vessel, ‘Space Sweepers’, jumping into dangerous deals after discovering a humanoid robot known as a  mass destruction weapons, ‘Dorothy’.

‘Up Dong Yi’, played by Yoo Hae Jin with a motion capture, is a harpoonist robot of space garbage cleaning vessel, ‘Space Sweepers’. This robot, named as Up Dong Yi because  ‘Captain Jang’ (Kim Tae Ri) carried from the recycling center, has an excellent harpooning skill thrown at space garbage with brilliant eyes like a headlight and stretched-out machine arms and legs. Unlike humans who have to wear spacesuits, its mobility is also the best. It, also in charge of accounting, is saving money persistent to achieve lifelong dream. Always penniless. As the atmosphere maker of ‘Space Sweepers’ which is naggy but cannot be hated, ‘Up Dong Yi’, which is a robot but has clear emotions such as future hopes, weariness, and joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, was newly created by Yoo Hae Jin’s own liveliness to the character. He who challenged a robot motion captured acting for the first time in Korean film performed directly  not only motion capturing equipment on his body but also voice acting. Thanks to Yoo Hae Jin, the cheerful and sly ‘Up Dong Yi’ could be created that is nowhere else in the world.

Director, Cho Sung Hee said, “At first, I only suggested voice acting, but he even acted as a motion capture, saying that it would be difficult to become a character with one emotion if he only add a voice in other actors movements”.

In addition, he expressed high satisfaction for the work with Yoo Hae Jin, saying “The actor who could breathe life into the character of ‘Up Dong Yi’ was Yoo Hae Jin only. He understood the preposterous ‘Up Dong Yi’ so well and enjoyed working on it. Thanks to actor, Yoo Hae Jin, character of ‘Up Dong Yi’ was completed”. And Actor, Yoo Hae Jin expressed our extraordinary feelings saying, “For containing not only the voice but also the action in the ‘Up Dong Yi’ character, I wore clothes with sensors myself and acted in motion capture. I can’t wait to see how Up Dong Yi will move and come out in the movie”.

‘Space Sweepers’, a space SF film by Director, Cho Sung Hee, who introduced a new world created with his own imagination through ‘Wolf Boy’ and ‘Detective, Hong Gil Dong: The Lost Village’, has a plan to provide fresh fun through fresh ensembles and space spectacles of actors such as Song Joong Gi, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Sun Kyu and Yoo Hae Jin.

Meanwhile, ‘Space Sweepers’ will be released on September 23.


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