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Sat Nov 28

What should you eat when you feel hungry and it keeps you up at night?

2020-08-27 13:58:12
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[by Lim Jaeho] Even though you never miss to have meals a day and lie down to sleep, you sometimes feel hungry and need something to nibble on. Having midnight snack is good for you, but if having it on occasion, it couldn't be better. We recommend what kind of midnight snack you should eat when you feel hungry at night.


How simple and delicious it is like this! There must be a lot of people who think that nothing can beat ramen for midnight snack. You can cook ramen by boiling water, putting the soup powder and adding the noodles. A variety of ramens has been launched recently and can be selected depending on the preference, which is the strong point of ramen. There are regular ramen and stir-fried ramen without soup. There are jjajang ramen, ramen with Mala flavor and very spicy ramen for those who like the spicy taste, so let's try ramen when you want to have midnight snack.


Malaxiangguo, a dish mixed Mala flavor and the taste like fire properly, which its umami is excellent. It is one of dishes that can be enjoyed with beer for midnight snack. The spicy taste makes you give an appetite more. You can add the beef, lamb, all kinds of vegetables, pouju(bean curd stick), dried tofu, fish cake meatballs, bok choy and green bean sprouts as you like and enjoy it. It is appealing to you in that the ingredient can be added and stir-fried depending on the preference. Having it with a glass of beer would be the fantastic taste going away a day's fatigue.

Goobne chicken

When you think of midnight snack, one thing that can't be missing would be just meat. Among them, chicken tastes good and is simple to eat, so it is loved by men and women of all ages. However, if you feel uncomfortable to eat the fried chicken at night, why don't you try the grilled chicken, Goobne chicken? The original of Goobne chicken is not fried but grilled, so its light taste is excellent. Thus, you don't feel uncomfortable to eat it for midnight snack and it has a good chemistry with any kind of alcohol such as beer. The red pepper crisp chicken with a pungent taste has become popular because it doesn't taste too spicy and you aren't fed up with it. It would be good to both eat chicken at a Goobne chicken restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui while viewing the nightscape and enjoy take-out chicken at home for midnight snack. It you feel uncomfortable with the fried chicken for midnight snack, let's meet Goobne chicken. (Photo source: Nongshim official website, La Hwa Kung Bu official website, Goobne chicken official website)


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