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Fri Sep 18

The main preview for a movie ‘Diva’, the most splendid fall in the world presented by Shin Min Ah-Lee Yoo Young has been unveiled

2020-08-27 17:34:29
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[by Ent Team] The main preview for a movie ‘Diva’ has been unveiled.

A movie ‘Diva’(director:Cho Seul Ye) is a mysterious thriller depicting that Lee Young, the queen of diving scene gets into a mysterious car accident and then the latent desire and madness comes out and it occurs.

First of all, the main preview unveiled on CGV Facebook today(19th) draws attentions with beautiful and powerful diving of the main character Lee Young(Shin Min Ah) who stands on the top of the high diving board.

Lee Young, the queen of diving scene recognized by everyone competes in synchronized swimming to prevent a fellow and old friend, Su Jin(Lee Yoo Young) with a poor performance from retiring. However, Lee Young gets into a mysterious car accident and then Su Jin disappears without a trace. Su Jin gets started to reveal her real appearance Lee Young didn't know by degrees. As it gets closer to the truth, matching scattered memories and clues, Lee Young is driven to the abyss gradually.

The compelling copy such as “Do you want my place?”, “A place that can’t be Two” shows a lot of tension between Lee Young and Su Jin, a friend and rival.

Su Jin’s chilly voice asking back “I want you to be like me even just once”, “Are you afraid I will steal your place?” raises curiosity about what kind of story is hidden between two people.

In addition, Shin Min Ah gives unconventional acting as a role of Lee Young caught in madness, expressing the twisted obsession and desire for the best and Lee Yoo Young taking a role of Su Jin with a poker face drives Lee Young into catastrophe, which draws attentions, pushing the immersion level in the main preview for ‘Diva’ to the extreme.

A movie ‘Diva’ in which Shin Min Ah and Lee Yoo Young will star is scheduled to be released in September. (photo: the screenshot of a movie preview, the movie poster)


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