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Tue Jun 15

A wise home-stay life is the answer, what shall I do at home?

2020-09-04 13:55:26
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[by Lim Jaeho] The Corona virus is spirited now. Therefore, many people are working at home or refraining from going out as much as possible. We need to  stay home when an unexpected epidemic has hit society now. If then, what shall I do while staying at home? As it is impossible to go out and only living in a limited space called home, there is a limit among that we can do. But the situation when it is not good to go outside, let me introduce the wise home-stay life that you can do at home.

Making a home cafe

Since it became difficult to go to a cafe, more people enjoyed coffee or dessert at home. So, 'Home Cafe' that I can make at home myself are popular these days. Due to this situation, many various equipment and tools like waffle makers, coffee machines, pretty cups for 'Home Cafe' are being sold. If you want to go to a cafe but are hesitant to go out, let's enjoy your own home cafe at home.

Watching Netflix

One of the hottest stuffs these days is definitely Netflix. By introducing various contents, it made many people's hobbies as 'Watching Netflix'. Not only movies and dramas, but Netflix's original Series will be shown to provide various attractions. As the provided video also offers various genres, including romance, thriller, horror, and mystery, if you choose it according to your taste, it suits you. And if you choose a drama you like and start watching, you won't know how time goes. If you don't have anything to do in home-stay life, why don't you start watching to Netflix on your laptop right now.

Goobne Chicken

When you watch Netflix alone, if you are sick of eating at home, what shall you eat in a wise home-stay life? Chicken is the best for eating alone and for both, two. When there are various kinds of chicken, what kind of chicken should you eat? It's a plain and delicious Goobne Chicken as it  doesn't fry right away. Let's visit the Tsim Sha Tsui branch of Goobne Chicken, take out the chicken and eat it at home. It's delicious to enjoy with beer and soda, too. As the original menu is not fried, it is plain and much of juicy, it is a favorite taste for men and women of all ages. There is the other menu for those who enjoy the spicy taste. It's Red Pepper Basasak. It's not too spicy, but it's addictive taste as the spicy smell of red pepper catches off the oily taste. If you're craving chicken during home-stay life,  let's go to Goobne Chicken in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong right now. (Photo Source: Today's House Official Website, Netflix Official Website, Goobne Chicken Official Website)


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