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Fri Sep 18

The second preview for ‘Pawn' has been unveiled...the best light of my life I met when I went to get the debts

2020-09-08 11:55:53
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[by Ent Team] The second preview for a movie ‘Pawn’ has been unveiled.
‘Pawn’ is a movie depicting a story when a ruthless loan shark ‘Doo Seok’
and his junior ‘Jong Bae’ go to get money back, they accidentally take responsibility for nine-year-old “Seung Yi” as pawn and raise her.

The second preview unveiled has attracted attentions with chemistry with duo loan shark ‘Doo Seok’ and ‘Jong Bae’ who always stick together, a nine-year-old “Seung Yi” as lovely pawn and the first intense encounter of two uncles. The cheerful appearance of ‘Doo Seok’ flying into a rage,  ‘Jong Bae’grumbling behind him gives a laughter and the cute appearance of “Seung Yi” glaring at them make viewers smile.

The appearance which “Doo-seok” and “Jong-bae” take “Seung Yi” as pawn to get the money back and they take responsibility for her has provoked the curiosity of prospective audiences, revealing the unique setting of a movie “Pawn” in which “Accidentally, we become to take responsibility for a child as pawn”

In addition, the process of three people who break up for a while, meet again after several twists and turns, grow up together and become a real family makes us touched in combination with the copy of “We can be a family over times”

In particular, a 9-year-old Seung Yi's voice asking naively, “Then am I your treasure?" to Doo Seok explaining the meaning of pawn suggests their relationship as the best light in each other's lives and makes us expect the warm impression that "Pawn” will present.

A movie “Pawn” which will give both fun and impression with an unexpected charm that when they go to get the money back, they meet the treasure of their life is planning to make audiences of all generations laugh and cry this fall.

The healing movie “Pawn” is scheduled to be released in September, which predicts pleasant fun and warm emotion, unveiling the second preview.


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