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Fri Sep 18

“Restart” Sori, she is raising expectation of solo queen with ‘Initial S’

2020-09-08 12:35:10
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[by Ent Team] Sori is proving a high possibility as a female solo artist.

Sori released her new single ‘Initial S’ on 31th. Sori presented listeners her unusual charm she has never shown before through 'Initial S' reinterpreting Synth pop in the 80s.

She has attracted attentions with her musical transformation though 'Initial S' and her image transformation through music video. Sori showed off her charm of girl crush with motorcycle helmets and rider outfits.

Sori who made a debut as Coco Sori in 2016 has played a variety of concepts such as her own innocent, sexy style. She has been getting an evaluation that through 'Initial S there is a lot of charm, doing her girl crush concepts flawlessly, which has never tried before.

As Sori prepared for this album, she devoted her passion. She even got a license for small vehicles for this album concept, which needs to show her motorcycle riding. Like this, she showed off its outstanding presence in the current Korean pop music scene, where there are not many female solo artists even before the track is released. That's why we are looking forward to her activity.

Prior to this, she wakes up viewers’ emotions, giving an acting that contains a autobiographical story with detailed and natural acting skills in the web drama “Ban Ye In” which ended on the 27th of last month.

An official of agency said “Sori really has prepared for this comeback with gratitude to fans who waited for her” an official of agency said. “Sori is an artist who has much potential as a solo artist from singing to performance. We hope you give her a lot of attention and love”
Meanwhile, the single ‘Initial S’, which shows Sori's new charm is available on all kinds of streaming sites (Photo: MOLE)


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