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Wed Oct 28

KNK, released coming soon images for its 3rd mini album, ‘KNK AIRLINE’

2020-09-14 10:08:26
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[by Ent Team] KNK will take a comeback on the 17th. 220 Entertainment announced a comeback of affiliated singer, KNK, releasing a coming soon image of their 3rd mini album, ‘KNK AIRLINE’, through the official SNS of KNK at midnight on the 9th.

On the released image, as showing the release album title, ‘KNK AIRLINE’ and  a release date of the album, ‘2020. 09. 17 6PM COMING SOON’ on the blue background where the plane flies, it raised expectations of fan for the new concept.

The new album, ‘KNK AIRLINE’, which is released about a year and 2 months after the single album, ‘KNK S/S COLLECTION’ released in July last year, contains a message to travel with KNK just with mind, free from boring daily life even if it is a difficult time around the world.

Attention is focusing on whether KNK, captivating the public with their unapproachable visuals and unique performances, can satisfy the long-awaited thirst of fans by showing differentiated musical colors through the new album.

Meanwhile, a 3rd mini album of KNK, ‘KNK AIRLINE’, will be released on various online music sites on the 17th. (Photo Source: 220 Entertainment)


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