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Thu Mar 04

The joy before sleep, it's time to have a late-night snack.

2020-09-25 09:56:29
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[by Lim Jaeho] No matter how hard or tired, there are some people who can't sleep when they are hungry. Even after a full dinner, it is difficult to know why feeling like having some snack and hungry before  sleep. The body feels heavy, the soles of feet are painful, and mental and physical fatigue is coming, but late-night snack is like a gift for those who can sleep well after eating something to make full.

Eating and sleeping right away isn't good for health, but if it is possible to spend a honey-like time by taking a rest before sleep, it just cannot say that eating late-night snack is a bad thing. Today, let me introduce some late-night snacks that will give a honey-like sweetness before sleep.


Isn't it a Tteokbokki, a food that is delicious during the day but twice as delicious at night? It's easy to make at home, and a combination of a chewy texture of rice cake and spicy taste can blow away the fatigue and stress of a day. It is also matched with various kinds of fried foods or rice balls. Depending on your taste, it  is possible to eat more spicy or less spicy. You can also make a sweet Tteokbokki with ketchup. If it's not your taste to eat only rice cake, an attraction of Tteokbokki that you can enjoy it very deliciously even if you add fish cake or eggs. let's falling in love with the night.


When you feel hungry, there won't be  late-night snack to fill my hunger right away as a ramen. Everyone has at least one ramen at home. If it bothers you to cook ramen in a pot, there is also a cup ramen that you can pour hot water right away and wait for three minutes before you eat it. It is a ramen that can enjoy for men and women of all ages. If you're hungry can not to wait for delivery food and are looking for a simple late-night snack right now, let's boil water and eat ramen.

Chicken, the best late-night snack

Isn't be a chicken that is the most popular food that comes to mind first when thinking of late-night snack? Chicken has become popular food that men and women of all ages like and is reminded as a late-night snack. Then, what kind of chicken shall be good to eat? Because late-night snack is a food which is eaten at night, it will be better to eat foods that are as light as possible. In this point of view, as the Goobne Chicken was grilled without frying, the calorie burden is relatively less than others. The Original menu of Goobne Chicken is good because it is not fried and has a clean taste, and it is not irritating to enjoy as a late-night snack. It is steadily drawing a popularity as an attractive chicken with plain meat juice.

Red Pepper Basasak is a chicken, adding a spicy flavor with hot red peppers, which is a menu getting a popularity together with original menu. If you want to enjoy this Goobne Chicken as late-night snack, why don't you visit the Goobne Chicken branch located in Tsim Sha Tsui. It would be good to have the late-night snack as not only visiting directly but home with take-out. (Photo Credit: Yupkki Tteokbokki, Ottogi, Goobne Chicken Official Website)


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