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Sat Nov 28

Models battle it out: Untact FACE of Asia 2020 in SEOUL kicks off

2020-10-16 09:01:49
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(77 contenders from 24 Asian countries are participating in Untact Face of Asia 2020)

[by Ent Team] “27 top models from 24 Asian countries, A three-month-long adventure to determine the best model.”

The Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (AMFOC, Chairman Yang Eui-sik) announced the start of the 'Untact Face of Asia 2020 in Seoul with EDGC' to select supermodels of Asia.

The event, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, will be held as a non-face-to-face and online, considering the challenge of the Covid-19. New changes have been delivered to keep up with the recent untact trend.

Instead of performing on an actual venue, models will have a fierce competition based on Youtube and TikTok(China) videos. The contest is conducted in “Grand Challenge” manner, where some are eliminated and some advance to the next round at each stage.

The mission not only evaluates talents as a model, including profile production, light painting, runway video, and brand commercial advertising, but also provides various tasks to determine if the modeltaner (Creative Model+Entertainer) can fit into the 4th industrial revolution, singing With Seoul (Seoul Song) song by BTS in both Korean and English, and participating in a Covid-19 campaign. The videos showing participants are available on the official YouTube channel, Untact Face of Asia.

To ensure fairness and transparency, the contestants will be graded based on aggregated scores from industry experts (50 percent) and voting from AMFOC's mobile app (50 percent). In particular, the global voting system, which targets a total of 77 Asian model participants, will be conducted through the exclusive "AMFVOTE" app provided by IDWar, and Korean celebrities from various fields will also participate in the screening at Celebe.
Besides, the organization is hosting B2G Games to commence the "amffantasy" game, which will predict the final winner all over Asia.

The grand winner will be selected on the final round on live on Dec. 4, winning 100 million won as prize money.

Each contender has successfully passed the national contest last year. After fierce competition in 24 countries, including South Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Japan, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, and Thailand, models are finally able to take part in the finals.

"As the largest model competition in Asia, Face of Asia is developing into the new model hunt platform combining the techniques of the 4th revolution," said Chairman Yang Eui-sik. "I look forward to seeing talents with global competitiveness"

Meanwhile, the competition is sponsored by EDGC, AMF GLOBAL, Hana Bank, LUI&REI, Spolive, Shinhan University, Idambiz, GTG Wellness, Chicken Plus, Kocoslab May Island, Fraiche, Kmallglobal, Oracle Cosmetics, Acat, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul City and the Seoul Tourism Foundation.


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