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Sat Nov 28

‘What kind of another irregularity?’, New film ‘Determined to Break Up’ by director, Park Chan Wook, Casting Tang Wei, Park Hae Il, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Ko Gyeong Pyo and Park Yong Woo

2020-10-20 12:13:42
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[by Ent Team] Tang Wei, Park Hae Il, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Ko Gyeong Pyo and Park Yong Woo are casted on the new film, ‘Determined to Break Up’, by director, Park Chan Wook.

‘Determined to Break Up’ is a movie drawing a detective, Park Hae Il, who is assigned to investigate the accidental death case in the mountain, begins feeling both suspicion and interest after meeting a deceased’s wife, Seorae. Director Park Chan Wook, who has raised a lot of curiosity on  his new work since the hit film, ‘The Handmaiden’, which was drawn the attraction form the worldwide fans, and the drama, ‘Little Drummer Girl’, which collaborated with the BBC and AMC in the U.S., decided the original scenario, ‘Determined to Break Up’, co-authored with a longtime partner, Jeong Seo Gyeong, as his next film.

In ‘Determined to Break Up’ Park Hae Il plays a polite and clean detective Haejun. Haejun, who is a thorough personality who clings to the cases day and night, a little weaken minded character after knowing for Seorae, the wife of the deceased. Park Hae Il is expected to digest Haejun's delicate emotional changes with his unique charm and acting skills

Seorae, a wife of the deceased, was played by actress Tang Wei. Tang Wei is expected to inspire curiosity and tension into the drama with subtle characters that are hard to guess inside. Especially, it is already drawn the attention how can Tang Wei, a new partner of director Park Chan Wook, who has created unique female characters in every work, makes the synergy.

Lee Jeong Hyeon, who will be reunited after a long time after Park Chan Wook’s short film, ‘Night Fishing’, acts as Jeongan who is a wife of Haejun and an able expert, showing a different side of her previous works, and Ko Gyung Pyo follows Haejun like an older brother, but acting as Soowan, a junior detective who has different opinions in the direction of investigation, works together with Park Hae Il. And Park Yong Woo joins the role of Hoshin, an another man appeared on Seorae's journey, completed their thorough casting lineup for ‘Determined to Break Up’.

‘Determined to Break Up’, which is being ready for filming after major casting finished, will be cranked in October.


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