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Sat Nov 28

TWICE’s Tzuyu, Release individual teaser of ‘Eyes wide open’...Superior itself!

2020-10-20 12:19:04
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[by Ent Team] TWICE’s Tzuyu released teaser contents of the second regular album,‘Eyes wide open’.

JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as ‘JYP’) released Tzuyu’s concept film and two individual teaser photos on its official SNS channel at midnight on the 15th, then released an additional individual photo at noon.

Tzuyu reminded of a mythical goddess with her fascinating visuals among the flowers boasting colorful colors. In addition, the additional photos boasted her distinctive features and perfectly digested the point makeup lined on eyeholes.

She also showed off her rich beauty in the concept film, and created a strange atmosphere as she faced the softly blowing autumn wind. At the cut dressed in gray suits, the figure caught the eye of viewers with a superior ratio of 8-head beauty.
JYP’s head, Park Jin-young, and star composer, Shim Eun Ji wrote the lyrics for the title track, ‘I CAN'T STOP ME’, and global hit song maker, Melanie Joy Fontana, and well-known producer, Michelle 'Lindgren' Schulz wrote the lyrics to enhance its perfection. In addition, its expectation is rising for the new album, which was featured splendid staffs of artists, such as Dua Lipa, Kenzie, and Heize.

Meanwhile, TWICE will release its second regular album, ‘Eyes wide open’, at 6 p.m. on the 26th. (Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment)


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