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Sat Nov 28

JBJ95 has unveiled the third concept photo for a mini album ‘JASMIN’... dreamy visuals

2020-10-27 11:20:57
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[by Ent Team] JBJ95 showed off its dreamy visuals and vibe.
JBJ95 has unveiled its third concept photo for its fourth mini album 'JASMIN' via its official SNS on the 22nd.

JBJ95 in the unveiled photo also showed perfect profile in the background of a haze of smoke and black-and-white mood. In addition, the dark vibe which embraces Sang-gyun and Kenta stands out their charisma no one can touch and made them expect JBJ95 to be transformed.

The fourth concept photo unveiled on the 23rd drew attention to sophisticated appearance. Sang-gyun gave a mysterious and intense impression with his red-colored hairstyle and Kenta wore a beret, black and blue jacket to complete a sexy and casual style.

In particular, the two showed a different side of JBJ95 that they had not shown before, showing off a variety of charms from the first concept photo to the fourth concept photo.
Meanwhile, JBJ95's new and mature album will be released on a variety of music streaming sites at 6 p.m on the 28th. (Photo: Star Road Entertainment)


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