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Thu Mar 04

Pizza and chicken that are getting more and more advanced. How far have they evolved?

2020-10-29 21:21:39
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[by Lim Jaeho] When we think of delivery food, pizza and chicken come to our mind first. These kinds of menus are getting more and more advanced. There were only fried chicken and seasoned chicken with sauce on top of the fried chicken in the past. However, it has become more diverse now, which makes it difficult to choose.

Then, there are pizza and chicken that have become so diverse, what kinds of pizza and chicken are there? Let's find out more and get into the world of more pizza and chicken.

Four toppings at once, Potent pizza

It is Potent pizza that looks different just by looking at the photo. If you order a whole pizza, you can taste four different flavors of pizza at once. This is a menu we really recommend to those who think a lot about what kind of pizza to choose and who do not make bad decisions. It is really recommended for those who want to enjoy Sweet Potato pizza, Cheese pizza, Bulgogi pizza and Shrimp pizza at once. Also, when many people enjoy pizza, they have preference in tastes.

If you like cheese! Try Cheese in hell pizza! 

There are people who like to enjoy plain pizza with cheese rather than pizza with a lot of other toppings. Pizza for those people have been launched. It's right Cheese in hell pizza. From mozzarella cheese, raclette cheese, string cheese, cream cheese to parmesan cheese sauce. Not only is there a cheese party, but the edge of the pizza bread is full of cheese. If you really love cheese, why don't you enjoy Cheese in hell pizza.

Now it's time to experience the chicken. The day when only there were seasoned and fried chicken was gone.  What kind of new chicken is there we will experience from now on?

Red Pepper Crispy(Gochu Basasak) from Goobne Chicken has pungent taste with spicy pepper.

Red Pepper Crispy(Gochu Basasak) from Goobne Chicken is different from the other seasoned chicken. It has the pungent taste with spicy pepper, which is hard to be fed up with the taste and keeps on giving your appetite. What is the best way to enjoy this kind of Red Pepper Crispy(Gochu Basasak) from Goobne Chicken? Why don't we visit Goobne Chicken in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong? It is an attractive place where you can enjoy the delicious Goobne Chicken as well as the wonderful scenery that will add the taste of chicken. (Photo: Official websites of Banolim Pizza #, Pizza Hut and Goobne Chicken)


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