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Wed May 12

‘The Swordsman’, Young Seung Hun, a character who plays a decisive role in the success of ‘King Injo’s Restoration’

2020-11-02 15:53:05
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[by Ent Team] Young Seung Hun meets the audience with ‘The Swordsman’.

His agency, Yeo Jin Entertainment mentioned, “In the movie, The Swordsman, Young Seung Hun plays as Cho Chung, the villain,  among the characters who succeed in King Injo's Restoration”.

‘The Swordsman’, which is a film about the swordsman, who faced the increasingly chaotic situation in Joseon during the Ming & Qing replacement period, will be released on the 23rd.

Young Seung Hun will play the role of ‘Cho Chung’, showing off fiercely the acting synergy of a swordsman, with Taeyul (Jang Hyeok), a military subject, Seung Ho (Jeong Man Sik) and Lee Mok Yo (Choi Jin Ho).

Meanwhile, Young Seung Hun introduced his face through the movie, ‘Breathless', where made it great and rich with his powerful acting with actor, Jeong Man Sik. Since then, he has starred in films, ‘71 In to the Fire' (2010),

‘Sea Fog’ (2014), and ‘Outdoor Begins’ (2017), and in dramas, SBS’s ‘I Am Mother Too’ and OCN’s ‘Black’. Now, he is filming the MBC Everyone’s drama, ‘Please don't meet him’. (Photo Credit: EBM Group)


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