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Sat Nov 28

æspa, Reveals the 2nd member,‘KARINA’...previses a versatile charm

2020-11-02 16:05:03
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[by Ent Team] KARINA, the 2nd member of æspa has been revealed.

At midnight on the 28th, æspa released the teaser images of member, KARINA, through various official SNS accounts, and drawn attention from global fans.
KARINA is a 20-year-old Korean member and is expected to perform well in the future as she has versatile charms not only a vocal but also rap and dance.

On the  26th of last month, æspa informed the start of its regular  debut promotion and is releasing individual teaser image of members sequentially, and will also release a teaser video that  can get a sense of special view of the world through the YouTube channel at noon on the same day.
Meanwhile, æspa is a name, which combined the word, ‘æ’ expressing ‘Avatar X Experience’ and the English word, ‘aspect’, and is schedule to show off various activities based on its  worldview of ‘meet another self, Avatar, and experience a new world’
. (Photo Credit: SM ENTERTAINMENT)


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