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Sat Nov 28

BTS RM, Release the concept photo of new album, ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’... a room with a warm atmosphere + strong glance

2020-11-10 14:39:29
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[by Ent Team] BTS’s RM released the concept photos of new album,‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’.

On its official SNS on the 4th of this month, BTS’s RM released a concept photo containing a scene showing a sitting on a sofa in a room hanging a warm atmosphere. He also released close-up shots with impressive glances, drawing attention from fans around the world.

RM’s room, which was decorated in white and wood colors, radiated a clean and warm feeling overall. RM introduced the room he decorated in detail through an audio guide released on the official website of Big Hit Entertainment at the same time as the concept photo. He said, “It's the charming point of this room that feels as warm as in the arms. As it is a room where I spend daily life, I decorated it with a white interior that can make feel comfortable and comfortable”.

He also added,“The object that describes me the most in this room is the wooden small things, I think all the trees in this room, including tree pots, dolls, tables and walls, expressed me best”.

BTS has been presenting concept photos of ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’, which was decorated by each member’s own taste, since the 2nd. The close-up shot focusing on the room concept's photo and face by each member has been releasing, raising the keen attractions and expectations from fans around the world for the new album.

Meanwhile, BTS will release its new album,‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’on the 20th and the performance of its new album title song, ‘Life Goes On’ for the first time at the ‘2020 American Music Awards’held on the 22nd (U.S. time). (Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment)


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