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Thu Mar 04

What's a good combination food enjoying with beer?

2020-11-11 15:46:04
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[by Lim Jaeho] Time for taking a rest at home only for me after a daily work. There's something coming to mind before going to bed. It's a glass of cool beer. Not only it quenches a thirst, but it also seems that the fatigue of the day flies away. Even though there will be a private difference, as only a glass of beer won't make harder the next day, many people will enjoy it lightly on weekdays, too.

Beer relieving the fatigue of the day like this. What kind of food is existing that goes well with this beer? There are various foods, such as fried, grilled, and roasted ones, let's find out about some foods that boast a special fantastic combination especially with the beer.

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