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Sat Nov 28

Momoland, who will be comeback on 17th, release 2nd teaser for ‘Ready or Not’... ‘Grand Release of Spoiler for 4th anniversary’

2020-11-16 16:44:41
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[by Ent Team] Momoland released the 2nd concept teaser of ‘Ready or Not’.
Before the release of 3rd single album, ‘Ready or Not’, on the 17th, Momoland announced its full-scale comeback countdown with the release of 2nd individual teaser images by member.
In the released 2nd individual teaser image, Momoland draws attention with an urban atmosphere that contradicts the pink-colored prom party atmosphere previously released. The members overwhelmed the screen with their more mature and different charms, raising expectations for their new song,‘Ready or Not’.
Momoland released a special spoiler video clip of new song, ‘Ready or Not’, repaying their deep love for their fans, ‘Merry’, at midnight on the 10th, at the 4th anniversary of their debut.
The new song, ‘Ready or Not’, drew attention with the participation of singer-producer, PSY and especially, it known as a special album that has been planned by Momoland who celebrated their 4th anniversary.
Earlier, PSY said, “As Momoland is a junior who is more excited about expressing exciting music, I'm pleased to participate in the new song. After listening to the demo, it was so good and I participated in the songwriting process with delighted mind.”
MLD ENTERTAINMENT’s authorities said, “With PSY’s participation, new song of Momoland has been more unique and more complete at the same time. We expect that it will be a global hit following the previous released, ‘BBoom BBoom’, ‘BAAM’ and ‘Thumbs Up’.”
Momoland's 3rd single album, ‘Ready or Not’, is scheduled to be presale from 11 a.m. on May 10 to 11:59 p.m. on May 16.
Meanwhile, Momoland’s new album, ‘Ready or Not’, will be released full-scale on music sites and YouTube at 6 p.m. on the 17th. (Photo Credit: MLD ENTERTAINMENT)


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