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What is more delicious meat cuisine to eat in cold time?

2020-11-18 09:23:25
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[by Lim Jaeho] The weather is getting colder and it is already mid-November. It means there are days left for it to get colder only. When it gets cold, the clothes to wear are changed and it also will be found for somewhat warm food. To overcome the cold winter well, it is the best to eat delicious and healthy food well and make your body strong, but meat cuisine is the best way than ever for rejuvenating the body. What kind of meat cuisine that are more delicious to eat in cold season? Let's figure it out together from now on.

Pork Belly

Is there anything else as delicious as pork belly in cold season? The pork belly, eating with grilled on sizzling hot grill, is good to eat with wrapping vegetables and grilled with kimchi or garlic. As there are also various vegetables eaten together, it is also an advantage to eat without getting sick of it. If you like grilled meat, why don't you enjoy the pork belly with your friends now in season that is getting cold?


There will be nothing but a beef as good as meat to nourish the body and  supplement protein. In the cold winter, if you want to vitalize your body  and are worry about what to eat at home, let's buy a beef and grill to eat it. It will be delicious to dip unseasoned beef in oil sauce, and if you like steak, it will be also good to grill like steak to your taste. Let's grill beef, which is easier to cook than you think, at home in the cold winter and vitalize your body.

Goobne Chicken

Chicken is also one of the most indispensable meat cuisines. Let's visit the Tsim Sha Tsui branch of Goobne Chicken, Hong Kong  and enjoy Goobne Original and Red Pepper Basasak. The original menu, which is good for men and women of all ages without like and dislike, is a juicy and plain chicken. If you want a more spicy and hot taste, why don't you try Red Pepper Basasak. It is a menu whose charm is the taste that catches the oily taste of chicken. If you want to enjoy chicken cuisine in the cold winter, don't forget to visit the Goobne Chicken's Tsim Sha Tsui branch and to enjoy Goobne Chicken. (Photo Credit: Market Curly, Goobne Chicken Official Web Site)


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