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Sun Apr 11

Taesaja’s Kim Young Min, Reveals scenario reading field for musical film, ‘K SCHOOL’

2020-11-23 15:38:20
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[by Ent Team] Production, Kang Contents, announced on the 14th that it was proceeded a scenario reading at a hotel in Gangnam. It was the world’s first 8K musical film, ‘K SCHOOL’, which was pre-sold in China, Japan and Thailand, and wants to purchase copyrights worldwide except for Korea and 3 countries already pre-sold by HBO, the largest movie channel in the U.S.

‘K SCHOOL’ is a work, which was selected as the Korea Radio Promotion Association’s project to support the production of ultra-high-definition content, and is a youth romance musical film drawing  the dream, love and friendship of the Millennial generation with the background of a fashion school.

Dennis Kang, played by Kim Young Min in the film, is a world-class fashion designer who raise global reaction in every fashion collection he releases. he is an influencer who has a global fandom with his sculptural appearance and cool thinking, has emerged as a fashion giant enjoying work itself and attracting to junior training rather than global fame.

It is a role of Daddy-Long-Legs, who recognizes the natural talent of the heroine, Sua played by WJSN’s Dawon, recommends her as a student of ‘K SCHOOL’, the world's best fashion school that  only the top 1 percent can go, and gives her a chance to realize her dream.

Meanwhile, the film.‘K SCHOOL’, will begin crank-in on November 22 at Seokyeong University, the background of K SCHOOL, and will be distributed overseas after its release of domestic theater in March 2021. (Photo Credit: Min Sound Group)


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