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Thu Mar 04

What would be good side dishes when you have a liquor with your friends?

2020-12-04 12:25:56
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[by Lim Jaeho] The end of the year is coming. It is a season that there are many gatherings and drinking parties with friends. It is time to have a drink with friends in wrap-up the year. It would be wondering what side dishes to enjoy with liquor. When you enjoy drinking with your friends at the end of the year, let's look for good side dishes together.

Raw fish

Raw fish, a cuisine eaten by trimming raw fish. At first, you may wonder what it tastes like, yet if you  chew more and more, it is the best savory taste. In addition, one of the great advantages is that you can choose the fish according to your taste as you can eat as various raw fishes. It also goes well with various kinds of liquor. As it is a side dish that goes well with a clean taste of liquor and is not burdensome, if you don't like excessive side dishes, I recommend drinking with raw fishes.

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