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Thu Mar 04

Yoon Song A, Chosen as MC at the opening ceremony of ‘Gimpo International Youth Film Festival’

2020-12-08 11:17:10
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[by Ent Team] Yoon Song A was chosen as MC for the opening ceremony of ‘Gimpo International Youth Film Festival’.

Actress, Yoon Song A took a charge of MC for the opening ceremony of ‘The 3rd Gimpo International Youth Film Festival’ hosted at Gimpo Art Hall on the 5th.

Starting with the opening ceremony on the 5th, the 3rd Gimpo International Youth Film Festival will screen a total of 200 works, including Korea Competition Final Films, Overseas Competition Final Films, Peace Sector, Gimpo Regional Special Sector, Village Community Sector, Domestic and Overseas Invited Films, at Gimpo Art Hall and theaters in Gimpo for 9 days from the 13th.

Yoon Song A expressed her feelings, “It is honor to be able to share the beginning of the 3rd Gimpo International Youth Film Festival. While the film industry is going through a difficult period of stagnation due to the Covid 19, it makes me refreshing to be able to host a meaningful film festival and host the opening ceremony. I will do my best to proceed and communicate for a film festival to give small consolation and hope when everybody is hard and tired.”

At 2:30 p.m. on the 5th, the opening ceremony of ‘3rd Gimpo International Youth Film Festival’, which will be held at Gimpo Art Hall, will be held with only a limited number of people invited to prevent the spread of Covid 19, and will be broadcast live in front of movie officials and audiences around the world through online broadcasting.

Meanwhile, Yoon Song A debuted in 2005 on the SBS’s youth drama, ‘English Magic School’, and has spreading in various moves, including the TV dramas, KBS’s ‘The King’s Face’, KBS’s ‘Secret Of Women’, SBS’s 'Ms Ma’, OCN’s ‘Voice 3’, as well as activities in movies, ‘No Mercy' and ‘Deouguk' , the MC of entertainment programs, KBS's ‘Entertainment Weekly’, SBS’s ‘I love you, Korea’.

Recently, she was cast the role of Shin So Young in KBS2's ‘Secret Man’, showing impressive performance. She also has been cast as the heroine, Kwon Yu Ri in the drama, ‘Diamond Hotel’ and is filming. (Photo Credit: Gimpo International Youth Film Festival)


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