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What will be a delicious honey-like food to eat after an exercise?

2020-12-08 14:45:37
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[by Lim Jaeho] Recently, as deeper consciousness of health care, many people have begun to exercise. It is also increasing of people who are doing it to improve their physical strength, not just to lose weight. Or there are many people who exercise as a hobby or spend their free time with exercise. If doing an exercise, it also becomes important to eat as much as you do. What kind of food will be good to supplement the nutrition and physical strength after an exercise?


Top model, Han Hye Jin who appeared on MBC's 'Live Alone' and showed a figure of wonderful self-care. The amazing source of protein comparable to what she said as chicken breasts was none other than squid. The squid became the topic due to her comment: if you just blanch the squid and eat it, it is simply the best source of protein after exercise. If you feel that you need to replenish protein after an exercise, let's try to eat blanching or boiling the squid. If you like seasoned food, stir-fried squid will be also good.


Is there any food as delicious as meat after an exercise? Let's grill a clean taste of beef and eat it after an exercise. To grill beef can be not only a simple recipe but a good source of nutrition. If you like salty food, it is possible to sprinkle herb salt when grilling, or as the texture and taste vary according to the degree of grilling, it is also a great advantage to grill it according to the taste. If you want to eat something simple after an exercise, it will a good method to eat as grilled beef.

Goobne Chicken

If you want to enjoy a good and delicious time after an exercise, chicken is definitely the best. If you're craving for chicken after an exercise, let's visit the Goobne Chicken's Tsim Sha Tsui branch, Hong Kong. As the original menu of Goobne Chicken is attractive due to its plain and rich, and it is not sicking of, it is possible to eat deliciously. Red Pepper Basasak is a popular menu that has a spicy taste and is attractive to people who enjoy spicy taste. If you're worried about the food that  you want to eat after an exercise, why don't you visit the Goobne Chicken branch of Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. (Photo source: Kurly, Goobne chicken official website)


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