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Thu Mar 04

Yubin, Release glamorous teaser images of new single, ‘PERFUME’

2021-01-13 08:12:30
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[by Ent Team] Yubin showed off her sexy charisma.

RRR Entertainment released the 6th teaser image of Yubin’s new single,‘PERFUME’ on its official SNS channel at midnight on the 6th.

In the released image, Yubin catches the eye, wearing perfume in a fascinating scene as matching with the song,‘PERFUME’.

In another image, Yubin, who dipped herself in a bathtub, closes her eyes and exudes a dreamy atmosphere as if she lost in the fragrance, amplifying fans’curiosity about the new song.

About 2 years after her first solo debut song, ‘Lady’, as Yubin once again worked with composer Dr.JO and created a new single ‘PERFUME’ that only she can digest, expectations for her comeback are rising.

The title song.‘PERFUME’, which seems to have a bright red scent, stands out as an arpeggio synthesizer that seems to be speeding, a rhythm like a heartbeat, and a thrilling composition crossing trendy and retro.

Meanwhile, Yubin’s new song, ‘PERFUME’, will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 13th. (Photo Credit: RRR Entertainment)


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