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Thu Mar 04

Moon Se Youn, Participates in the animation ‘Stress 0’ OST...An almighty entertainer who equips a song

2021-01-19 08:28:44
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[by Ent Team] Moon Se Youn challenged the theme song of the animation.
Moon Se Youn recently completed recording participating in the theme song of the animation ‘Stress 0’. ‘Stress 0’ scheduled to be released in January 2021 is a work containing super-special family blockbuster of Super Daddy Hero against a huge fire monster that has grown under stress, which is a new film that is shown by production team of ‘Pororo’ and ‘Cocomong’.

Moon Se Youn previously boasted his high-quality singing skills on entertainment programs such as tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday - Do Re Mi Market’, KBS2’s ‘Immortal Songs’ and Mnet’s ‘Wanna be Singers'.  Especially, he showed a growing ballad singer every time through ‘Wanna be Singers’, and was evaluated to deliver not only his singing ability but his emotions releasing a song full of sincerity.
Due to this, an attention is focused on the new challenge of Moon Se Youn who sang his first OST as ‘Stress 0’. This theme song is an impressive song with simple lyrics and addictive melodies, which is based on the mysterious drink ‘Stress 0’ that relieves stress in animation, adding to Moon Se Youn’s low and medium-pitched voice rap. Moon Se Youn said, “As a father, I am pleased to be able to participate in the theme song of animation that children often see and like”.

Meanwhile, Moon Se Youn got his position as a popular entertainer by winning the best prize in the show variety category at the ‘2020 KBS Entertainment Awards' held on the 24th. At present, he has been active in various entertainment programs including KBS2’s’1 Night 2 Days’, tvN’s 'Comedy Big League’, ‘Amazing Saturday’, MBC’s ‘Would be Nice if you won’t fight’, comedy TV's ’Tasty Guys’ and YouTube channel’s ‘Dancing Fatty From Now On’. (Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment)


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