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Thu Mar 04

‘Plan to present overwhelming thrills’, Seoyoung, Screen comeback with ‘The Rules of the Game’in January

2021-01-26 08:49:17
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[by Ent Team] Seoyoung is making a screen comeback with ‘The Rules of the Game’.
‘The Rules of the Game: Human Hunting’ is a film drawing a mad confrontation between a murderer and a survivor, who unexpectedly became the target of a series of murders in a place that he thought was safe, which will show suspense and actors’ immersive performances overwhelming thrills.
Seoyoung, who announced screen comeback 3 years after a film 'Oh! My God: Returns’in 2017, took the role of 'Miyeon’, who is ’ the heroine who gets caught up in the planned Human Hunting during visit resort with her friend Sehee on business. Miyeon is a soft-looking but bold character, adding breathtaking tension to the play.
Seoyoung, who debuted with the drama ‘Foxy Lady’ in 2006, received favorable reviews from viewers for her unique urban charm and stable acting ability. In addition, expectations are high on how Seoyoung, who showed a strong impact through last year’s SBS drama, ‘Doctor Romantic 2’ and the recently ended JTBC drama, ‘Private Lives’, can attract the public's attention.
Meanwhile, ‘The Rules of the Game: Human Hunting’is the first surviving thriller of the year, directed by Lee Soo Sung who directed the films ‘Head’, ‘Dok Go Die’ and ‘Bully’, and actors, Kim Sung Soo, Cho Kyung Hoon, and Chang Young, who boast deep acting ability, were present together in the film. (Photo Credit: Management Redwoods/Tree with Deep Roots Co., Ltd.)


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