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What are good foods to enjoy with the hot Netflix series?

2021-01-26 09:51:29
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[by Lim Jaeho] Netflix that you can enjoy various video contents, it cannot but a necessary platform for living in a house these days. Recently, since the content has improved as well as the quality, it has been loved by many people. Netflix content that you can't stop once you see it! what are some Netflix series that are good to enjoy while home-staying?

Sweet Home

Netflix series, 'Sweet Home', which is one of the most popular on Netflix. It is a story dealing with the bizarre incident that happened in the apartment where Hyun-soo, a high school student living as a hikikomori after losing his family. It is the Netflix's super-sized project, attracted a lot of attention even before its release. Actor Song Kang, who has emerged as a trend, Lee Jin Wook, who boasts his own unique atmosphere, and Lee Si Young, who has an amazing physical figure, are judged to be active and make the heart chewy. If you need a powerful rest for a boring home-staying life, why don't you enjoy Netflix's Sweet Home?


Bridgerton, a drama about a scandal dealing the upper class of England. As soon as it is released, it is much loved by many people through WOM. It is a great attraction to see not only the male starring, the duke, but also the elegant and cute female starring, Daphne, and various upper-class British society. As well as the pretty set, props well utilizing a background of the times are one of the big charm. It is a great charm of Bridgerton that once you turn it on, you have to watch all the way to the end. If you're bored with your home-staying life, let's play the Bridgerton right now.

If then, what is a good food to enjoy with Netflix?

Chicken is one of foods that cannot left out to enjoy with Netflix. Among them, why don't you enjoy Goobne Chicken, which is baked in an oven, boasting a plainness? The best-selling original menu is attractive as its light and rich juicy and is good to enjoy because it does not sick of. Red Pepper Basasak is characterized by its addictive taste due to its rich taste and reducing oily taste. If you want to enjoy Goobne Chicken with Netflix, let’s visit Tsim Sha Tsui branch, Hong Kong. It would double the taste of watching Netflix, and you won't get tired of your home-staying life anymore. (Photo Credit: NAVER News, bnt DB)


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