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Thu Mar 04

‘Definitely Worldwide’, Pinkfong, Ranked as 5th on ‘Today’s Top 10’

2021-02-01 16:39:53
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[by Ent Team] ‘Pinkfong’ ranked at the top of Netflix in the U.S.
Full-length animation of SmartStudy (CEO, Kim Min Seok) ranked as 5th on ‘Today’s Top 10’ of Netflix in the U.S., confirming its general sense of popularity in the North American market.
SmartStudy announced on the 22nd that ‘Pinkfong Cinema Concert: Pinkfong Baby Shark Space Adventure’, which was produced by itself ranked as 5th on the daily ranking in the ‘Today’s Top 10’ film category of Netflix in the U.S. on the 20th.
‘Pinkfong Cinema Concert: Pinkfong Baby Shark Space Adventure’ is a Sing-along movie that parents and children can sing along and enjoy together, drawing attention from the time it was released with 27 popular characters including Pinkfong and Baby Shark. It contains the contents that Pinkfong and baby shark Ollie, who were traveling in space, suddenly hit a meteor that flew in, and travel to various planets to find the star pieces of the fragmented spaceship.
Previously in December, SmartStudy proved its intellectual property (IP) power by introducing a Christmas special video of the TV animation, ‘Baby Shark's Big Show!’ to the North American market. ‘Baby Shark Big Show’is a 2D animation series co-produced with Nickelodeon, the world's largest kid’s entertainment channel. Ahead of its launch in the U.S. this year, the video ‘Baby Shark Ollie & William: Baby Shark’s Big Fishmas Special’, which was specially released for Christmas last year, ranked as 1st in weekly ratings in the U.S. cable TV's children sector in the first week of broadcasting.

SmartStudy representative, Kim Min Seok, said, “This record of 5th rank on ‘Today’s Top 10’ of Netflix in the U.S. is meaningful that Pinkfong Baby Shark IP has been recognized for its box office success as a Global Standard. And as ‘Baby Shark Big Show’ is about to be released in the U.S., the company will provide joyfulness with online video services (OTT) as well as terrestrial broadcasting and paid broadcasting”.
Meanwhile, ‘Pinkfong’s Baby Shark Dance’ video released by SmartStudy has raised a global syndrome with cute, pretty characters, catchy chorus and easy-to-follow choreography.

In November, it ranked as the top as the world's most viewed YouTube videos for the first time in Korea, and has drawn worldwide popularity recording 7.8 billion cumulative views as of January this year.

In addition, ‘Pinkfong Baby Shark’, the core IP of SmartStudy, has become a global representative IP with phenomenal results including Korea’s first RIAA Diamond & 11 Multi-Platinum Digital Singles Certification, BRIT’s Double Platinum Certification, 32nd on ‘HOT 100’ chart of the U.S. Billboard, 6th on the British Official Singles Chart, and Double Top Rank in the 'Toy of the Year' which is the Oscar in the toy industry. (Photo Credit: SmartStudy)


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