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Thu Mar 04

What is the 'self-present' that you want to give yourself?

2021-02-03 15:21:48
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[by Lim Jaeho] Many modern people live busy and are always busy. After the busy work, the busy work awaits you, and it is often difficult to take care of yourself due to multiple different working. Isn't it a way to love yourself really by looking back your busy yourself and having a time to refresh and recharge? However, it is not easy to go on a trip because of Covid-19. Instead of it, let's try to give the 'self-gift' for yourself.

Performance Ticket

Is there anything else as refreshing as watching a performance? If watching the performance, not only does the miscellaneous thoughts disappear, but it is also completely touched to be immersed. In spite of yourself, you become a character in a performance and become immersed. And the emotion remaining after the performance makes me heal. If there are performances or musicals that you've wanted to see, don't hesitate to present yourself a ticket. The precious emotion as wasteful as you've been concern will refresh yourself.


Nothing is as important as health. Let's look back on me and take care of my neglected health. Probiotics is one of the essential nutrients for modern people, which not only makes better bowel movements but also helps them absorb effective bacteria in the body better. It is also a necessary nutrient for modern people who have  poor digestive systems due to stress. Let's present to yourself health.

Goobne Chicken

There is nothing to make me heal more than delicious food. Let's visit Goobne Chicken's Tsim Sha Tsui branch, Hong Kong and try to eat best-selling menus of Goobne Chicken. The original menu is attractive with its plain and rich juicy. For those who don't like oily chicken, it would be the best menu. If you want a spicier taste, why don't you try to eat Red Pepper Basasak. The scent of chili red pepper is addictive and will make us happy. Let's present the best-selling menus of Goobne Chicken as delicious food as a gift for me. (Photo Credit: Yes24, Nutrione, Goobne Chicken Official Web Site)


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