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‘Love Letter in 23 Years’, Shunji Iwai, confirms release of ‘Last Letter’ in February

2021-02-08 16:11:51
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[by Ent Team] Shunji Iwai's‘Last Letter’ was confirmed of its release in February.

‘Last Letter’  is a pure emotional melodrama that calls memories of the first love of 3 people who were mixed during their school days by meeting again with Jiwhoa, who attended the reunion to announce her order sister's death, and her first love, Inchuan, 30 years ago.

‘Last Letter’  was directly directed by Shunji Iwai based on the novel written by the great director, Shunji Iwai, in 2018, who has long been loved for his warm image using his unique natural light, such as ‘Love Letter’, ‘Hana & Alice’ and ‘All About Lily Chou-Chou’, and produced by director, Peter Chan, who has uniquely expressed youth melodramatic sensibilities with ‘Almost a Love Story’ and 'Better Days’.

The film was recognized for its cinematic quality at a prominent film festival including nomination as Best Original Screenplay & Supporting Actress  at the 55th Golden Horse Awards, Best Chinese Film at 38th Hong Kong Film Awards, closing film at 15th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival.

Zhang Zifeng, China’s younger sister and former child actor who quickly rose to stardom after capturing 1.3 billion people with ‘Aftershock',  took a role as Jiwhoa, who falls in love at a glance after seeing her friend's brother, Inchuan, in middle school, and rookie, Enxi Deng, took a role as Jinan, a diligent and calm honor student, to paly fresh sister chemistry.

The main poster of ‘Last Letter’  released with the news of its release in February draws an attention with feature of Jinan smiling lightly toward somewhere. Jinan’s look with soft but seems to be sad raises questions about what story she will draw with Jiwhoa and Inchuan.
‘Last Letter’ , drawing an attention with combination of Shunji Iwai and Peter Chan, will be released in February. (Photo Credit: Zlgam)


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