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Thu Mar 04

SE SO NEON, Releases teaser for the single, ‘Jayu (Freedom)’... Supported by Yoo Ah In

2021-02-08 16:15:35
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[by Ent Team] SE SO NEON will comeback with their new single ‘Jayu’.

The teaser video of ‘Jayu’, which was released on the official channel of SE SO NEON on the 2nd, amplified interest in their comeback with actor Yoo Ah In's special appearance.
Before the release of the single, they announced the first news to about 2,000 fans, as member Whang Soyoon sending a real letter.

Wang Soyoon announced the news of the new song in the letter, “After 2nd album, ‘Nonadaptation’, what I thought of slowly spending time on what I could talk about was ‘How can I look directly at my fears?' and ‘What finally makes me whole?’. Then the word I found was ‘Jayu’, and when I thought about ‘Jayu, my fear could naturally disappear. It's a very powerful word. As the things I lost and the things I’m going to find now are far from the representation of the times and generations, I’m working hard on SE SO NEON's expression (although it’s not a favorite word for both ‘age’ and 'generation’), hoping that this work will be a time to remind someone of postponed ‘Jayu’”.

SESON’s new single, ‘Jayu’, will be released at 6 p.m. on May 5.
Meanwhile, SE SON NEON proved their potential as a global artist, selecting as the EP ‘Nonadaptation’ for their title track, at ‘The 35 Best Rock Albums of 2020’ of Pitchfork, a popular American music media, ‘The 40 Best Rock Albums of 2020' of Paste Magazine, US Music and Entertainment Digital Platform. (Photo Credit: Magic Strawberry Sound)


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