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Thu Mar 04

Chungha, release the music video teaser of the title track, ‘Bicycle’, of her 1st regular album

2021-02-16 09:00:16
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[by Ent Team] Chungha’s music video teaser was released.

Chungha raised expectations for her comeback by releasing the music video teaser of ‘Bicycle’, which is the title track of her 1st regular album,‘Querencia’,  on her official SNS at midnight on the 8th.

The released teaser catches the eye sensually containing unique color lighting, unique and colorful jewelry that dominates the screen, Chungha’s own dark charm, and her intense eyes. Especially, the beat of 'Bicycle', which had drawn great attention since the release of the audio snippet, once again amplifying listener’s curiosity about the sound source, captivating their ears intensively.

‘Bicycle’, which is the title son of Chungha’s 1st regular album, is an R&B pop and trap sound that unfolds with the introduction of an intense fuzz guitar, expressing the excitement and overwhelming energy of the moment moving forward. As Chungha participated in writing the lyrics, It will tell a story that only Chungha can unfold and imprint an irreplaceable presence.

Previously, Chungha released a total of 4 teasers and audio snippets by ‘SIDE’, including ‘NOBLE’, ‘SAVAGE’, ‘UNKNOWN’, and ‘PLEASURES’, showing the best scale ever. With a total of 21 tracks off the veil, the attention of music fans is raised more for ‘Querencia’, which will prove Chungha’s musical growth and capabilities.

Meanwhile, Chungha will release her 1st regular album,‘Querencia’, at 6 p.m. on the 15th via  various online music sites at domestic and abroad. (Photo Credit: MNH Entertainment)


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