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Wed May 12

Weekly, Releases 'Wake Up', OST of 'Hello, Me!', today (18th) at 6 p.m.

2021-02-23 10:15:37
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[by Ent Team] Weekly participated in the OST of 'Hello, Me!'.
'Wake Up', OST Part 1 of 'Hello, Me!' (written by Ryu Song Yi, directed by Lee Hyun Suk), which is KBS2's new Wednesday-Thursday drama and Weekly participated in, will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. today (18th).

'Wake Up', which had drawn fans' attention even before the release of the teaser video, is a dance song with unique bright and rhythmical vibes of Weekly by adding vocals with each member's characteristics on the guitar and brass sound, which is a song by musician, duo Nuvocity, who proved their abilities through OSTs such as 'Coffee Prince No. 1', 'New Heart', 'Doctor Prisoner', 'The Game' and 'Chip in'.

The lyrics, such as 'I can be anything. Put spell on it.', 'It won't be too late to make it harder.’, contain a strong support message to all 'Ban Hani', who live in their present lives.
Weekly, who first challenged the drama OST as a group, mentioned, "We couldn't sleep because we were nervous about recording the first drama OST.", and "We were also greatly consoled by singing. we hope everyone who listens to this song will be able to hear our support voices".

Weekly exceeded 20,000 copies in cumulative sales with their debut album, 'We Are', last year, and their 2nd mini-album, 'We Can' recorded 13,000 initial sales and 26,000 cumulative sales, recorded an overwhelming results as the highest initial sales and highest sales among new girl groups. Then, they achieved '6 Winning of Rookie Awards' at various year-end awards in 2020, boasting their potential power as a 'Super Rookie' of the sensation.

Meanwhile, 'Hello, Me!' is a fantasy growth romantic comedy drama that The 37-year-old main character, who is apathetic in love, work, and dreams, meets me who was not afraid of anything in the world and who was hot in everything, and comforts myself, which broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. (Photo Credit: PlayM Entertainment)


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