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Thu Jul 29

Delicious food enjoying with various hobbies!

2021-02-24 10:17:01
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[by Lim Jaeho] Due to the being prolonged of COVID-19, people are enjoying their hobbies at home. If you spend time at home while focusing on something, it is possible to enjoy time without having to go outside. What kinds of various hobbies are for people who can enjoy at home?

Biz Crafts

There is a hobby that is in the spotlight due to the prolonged home-stay due to COVID-19. It's beads craft. Beads craft is a making a combination of thread with small beads and various accessories such as beads bracelets and beads rings, which is a hobby that requires a lot of concentration. As you can concentrate without  having to think of anything else while doing this, it is loved not only for its hobby but also for the healing hobby of modern people. If you want to concentrate on something definitely, let's start working on the beads craft.

Watching Netflix

There is nothing more easygoing and comfortable than watching a fun series at home. For those who can't stand boring hobbies, it is  recommended to watch Netflix that provides various contents at home. Because it provides various genres of content, it is possible to watch according to your taste. And since there are dramas and movies, too, it is possible to watch the content you want.

Goobne Chicken, which is good to enjoy along with hobby

What you can't leave out when you're doing your hobby is delicious food. Goobne Chicken's best seller menus, Original and Red Pepper Basasak, why don't you enjoy your hobby with them? The original menu of Goobne Chicken is an attractive chicken with a plain taste and rich juice. Red Pepper Basasak is an addictive chicken with a hot and spicy taste. It is a menu that can be strongly recommended for people who usually like spicy taste. Why don't you enjoy this delicious Goobne Chicken in Tsim Sha Tsui branch, Hong Kong? Your hobby will become more interesting. (Photo Credit: Beads Maker, Netflix, Goobne Chicken Official Web Site)


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