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Sun Apr 11

'EXID 2.0 Girl Group' TRI.BE, Released dance cover of 'Rollin'' which occurs a sensational reverse

2021-03-10 11:49:55
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[by Ent Team] TRI.BE joined in the sensation of 'Rollin''.
TRI.BE (Songsun, Kelly, Jinha, Hyun Bin, Jeeah, Soeun, Mirae) released a cover video clip of the choreography of Brave Girls 'Rollin' on their  global short video application, TikTok official account, on the 2nd.

In the released video clip, it is possible to check the scenes of Songsun, Hyun Bin, and Mirae performing the choreography to the highlight music of 'Rollin'', which has recently ranked as  the top on music chart with a sensational reverse.

The 3 members showed perfect performance as if they were singing their own songs. Especially, the original choreography, which had a strong sexy image, was reinterpreted as

TRI.BE's own style as lively and energetic, and drawn the attention from global TikTok users.

TRI.BE is a 7-member new girl group produced by Sinsadong Tiger, a leading hit maker in the K-pop scene, including EXID's 'Up & Down' & 'DDD', Trouble Maker's 'Trouble Maker', and MOMOLAND's 'Boom BBoom', which debut   officially releasing their 1st single, 'TRI.BE Da Loca' on April 17.

Since then, their title song, 'DOOM DOOM TA', has succeeded entering to the upper rank of the Bugs real-time music charts and entering to China's largest music site, QQ Music Chart, impressing K-POP fans around the world. They drew attention as news of their global activities’ collaboration with the world's largest label, Republic Records, which includes a large number of world-renowned pop artists, such as Ariana Grande and Post Malone.

Especially, they draw attention as talented girl group with solid basics, boasting their stable live performance and spectacular performance abilities that are not like rookies who just debuted on the music broadcast stage.

Meanwhile, TRI.BE will also continue their live  activities through music shows and various contents this week. (Photo Credit: Captured from TRI.BE's 'Rollin'' TikTok Challenge Video)


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