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Sun Apr 11

'All-Round Actor & Idol', Seunghun of CIX, Confirmed his 1st starring film, 'Turn: The Street', release this month

2021-03-15 13:15:00
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[by Ent Team] CIX's Seunghun meets the audience with 'Turn: The Street'.
On the 4th, his agency, C9 Entertainment published that the film, 'Turn: The Street', starring CIX's Seunghun, will be released in March.

'Turn: The Street' is a work drawing the story that young people, who has wandered between dreams and reality, unite to love hotly, share friendships, and grow up for one goal of dancing only.  It has casting talented idols and new actors, including Seunghun, and went viral early as the Korean version of 'Step Up'.

Seunghun played starring in the film as the role of 'Seunghun', a dance genius who does his best at every moment, such as dancing, love, and dancing. Seunghun will express the character 'Seunghun' realistically based on his experiences while a trainee. It is also drawn attention to show powerful and outstanding performances together proven in CIX activities.

The main poster, which was released with the news of its release in March, caught the eye with the back of 'Seunghun', who wore a headset and danced to music on a sunny day. The combination of a copy of 'Dance like crazy, love hot!' and a bohemian youth is raising expectations for the movie.

Meanwhile, Seunghun's group CIX has recently continued to be a global artist, ranked as the top on the global charts in the 3rd and 4th weeks of February with the 4th EP Album, HELLO Chapter Ø, 'Hello, Strange Dream'. (Photo Credit: C9 Entertainment, 26 Company)


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