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Thu Jul 29

What food to be able to enjoy eating even alone deliciously?

2021-03-15 13:30:17
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[by Lim Jaeho]  As the number of single-person households increases, the number of people living alone is increasing. They not only eat at home, but also solve their hobbies and everything by themselves.Even if they make food alone at home, they have to make and eat it alone, and even if they order delivery food, they have to eat it all alone. However, it is an old saying that there are fewer choices because eating alone. Now, it is a world full of delicious food that can eat alone. What kind of food can be enjoying even alone?

Pimac (Pizza + Beer), delicious to eat even alone

Pizza and beer, there are no such fantastic combination. You may feel uncomfortable eating pizza alone, but it is not. If you freeze the left-out  pizza right in the freezer and heat it up in the microwave or oven whenever you want to eat it, because it is possible to enjoy it as delicious as when you ordered it first. The liquor that goes well with pizza is a sparkling ice beer. Why don't you enjoy delicious pizza and beer together when you want to drink alone at home?

Waffles, a dessert at home alone

There are times when you crave sweet food even at home. In that case, let's order waffle and try to eat it. Waffle, which is full of sweet jam and whipped cream, makes you feel better as soon as you take a bite and can blow away the depression of 'Hone-Stay' at once. If you want to enjoy sweet desserts even at home, how about enjoying delicious waffle?

Goobne Chicken

Chicken is a delicious food to eat even alone. It is delicious with several people, but it is the best to enjoy even alone. As Red Pepper Basasak of Goobne Chicken has an addictive with hot flavor and spicy taste, it is the best seller of Goobne Chicken, which is very delicious even if enjoyed alone. It's the best to enjoy even alone and it's good to eat when you watch Netflix or do a hobby activity. Why don't you to visit the Tsim Sha Tsui branch, Hong Kong and enjoy Goobne Chicken's Red Pepper Basasak. (Photo Credit: Youngman Pizza, Lotte Wine, Waffle University Official Web Site, bnt DB)


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