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Sat Oct 23

Red Velvet’s Wendy, Release her first album, 'like Water', on April 5th

2021-03-30 08:29:40
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[by Ent Team] Red Velvet's Wendy debuts as a solo singer.
Wendy's first solo album, 'Like Water', will be released on April 5th, as it contains a total of 5 songs with sincere messages and warm emotions, raising expectations among music fans.

Especially, Wendy has proven her vocalist-like aspect with charming tone and outstanding singing ability through not only Red Velvet's activity, but also several solo songs such as collaboration and drama OST and has shown multi-talented performances such as MC and animation dubbing, raising expectations for her new appearance with this solo album.
Meanwhile, Wendy's first mini album, 'Like Water', will begin presale at various online and offline music stores from today (24th). (Photo Credit: SM Entertainment)


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