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Sun Apr 11

‘Hypnosis’, BerryGood’s Johyun, 'Challenge to take off sexy concept and take a horror queen'

2021-04-05 12:57:50
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[by Ent Team] Berry Good's Johyun challenges horror queen in film, 'Hypnosis'.
'Hypnosis' is a horror thriller drawing a creepy incident intertwined with the afterimage of nightmares that began to Dohyo (Lee Dawid) and his friends, who were experienced the Hypnosis by Professor Choi (Son Byung Ho).

Johyun, who has recently expanded her career through acting challenge, introduced her face with BerryGood in 2016. She who is showing her versatile aspect by digesting rap, dance, and writing lyrics, is loved by fans for her bright and  bubbly charm. She also continues to communicate with the public with her beauty and stamina, showing various hobbies such as horseback riding and hiking.

In 'Hypnosis', Johyun played the role of 'Hyunjeong', an idol and college student currently, showing an immersive performance as she assimilates into the character. 'Hyunjeong' is an idol who is active lively and receives spotlights on her, but she is a character who bullied from jealousy of her friends within college.

Johyun who perfectly digests the unstable character 'Hyunjeong' whose life begins to be destroyed by the treatment of Hypnosis, which she experienced by chance to escape stress, has transformed herself into a modest college girl, breaking away from her sexy image. Especially, Johyun's intense horror performance, suffered from visions and fears, will give the audience a tense and chilling experience.

'Hypnosis', which is expected to transform image of BerryGood's Johyun, is scheduled to be released this month. (Photo Credit: SmileENT)


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