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Sun Apr 11

SHINee, Pre-released a stage of title song, 'Atlantis', on 'Beyond LIVE'

2021-04-05 13:04:44
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[by Ent Team] SHINee pre-releases the stage of the repackaged title song through 'Beyond LIVE’.

'Beyond LIVE - SHINee: SHINee WORLD' will be broadcast live on Beyond LIVE channel of Naver V LIVE  at 3 p.m. on the 4th, and expectations from fans are amplified as it is possible to meet all of SHINee's own unique music and performances.
Especially, SHINee raises expectations to the maximum as scheduled to release its 7th regular repackaged album's title song, 'Atlantis', for the first time at the concert, and plans to attract fans' attention with various stages from their previous hits to the track songs of 7th regular album, 'Don't Call Me'.
As the performance is the 1st online concert of SHINee, it will provide rich attractions with the lively AR and XR effects and colorful 3D graphics to unique vitality of 'Beyond LIVE' on ecstatic stage of SHINee, and its tickets for live performances are available on Naver V LIVE, Yes24, and SMTOWN & STORE websites.

Meanwhile, SHINee's 7th regular repackaged album, 'Atlantis' will be released as a song on various music sites on the 12th and will also be released as an album on the 15th. (Photo Credit: SM Entertainment)


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