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Sun Apr 11

[bnt Photo] WJSN’s Dayoung, ‘Lovely Human Vitamin’

2021-04-05 13:12:35
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[by Kim Hye Jin] A showcase of WJSN's mini album, 'UNNATURAL', was held at Yes24 Live Hall, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 31st.

Dayoung of the group, WJSN, is holding a press conference.

UNNATURAL is an album singing a hot heart and a cold expression by WJSN who are in love with. WJSN, which has shown the image of a mysterious and little girl, shows the duality of a woman who pretends to be indifferent through a new song. It will capture emotions that are colder than the existing WJSN image, ordinary but not trivial, and deliver more mature and deeper charm.


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