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Thu Jul 29

Family month, spending a happy time with family.

2021-05-10 13:00:29
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[by Lim Jaeho] It is May, Family Month. It is a month that there are many holidays and there is a lot of time to be with family most of all. As time goes by and getting older, you will find that family is the only thing to be precious for you. Then, what is a good gift to give for such a precious family?

Tamburins' Perfumed Hand Sanitizer

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, personal hygiene management is becoming very important. Not only do many people have to wash their hands often, but they also carry hand sanitizers preparing for situation that can't wash their hands. As demand for hand sanitizers increases, brands are introducing a variety of products, including fragrant hand sanitizers. Since Tamburins' hand sanitizer leaves a scent no less than perfume, it refreshes every time sanitizing your hands. If you think of family hygiene, let's present Tamburins' hand sanitizer as a gift.

Body Wash

If you present something that everyone uses it every day but  doesn't really care about, that's how delicate a person looks. Let's present perfumed body wash to precious family. Time for taking a shower is to wash your body clean, but it is also a time to relax your mind and take a rest. Let's present family a perfumed rest time.

Goobne Chicken

The way to spend pleasant time with family other than gifts is to enjoy delicious food together. Let's enjoy delicious Goobne Chicken with family. The Original menu of Goobne Chicken is attractive in its juicy and plain taste. It is suitable for the whole family to enjoy as there are not many likes and dislikes. As Red Pepper Basasak is addictive in its spicy taste, it will be really good taste if there are any family members who enjoy the spicy taste. Why don't you enjoy a  warm and harmonious time with Goobne Chicken on Family Month ? (Photo Credit: Sephora, Goobne Chicken Official Web Site)


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