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Sat Oct 23

Actress, Jang Yun Jeong, starring in the film, 'You're so precious to me'

2021-06-03 12:09:59
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[by Ent Team] Actress, Jang Yun Jeong, delivered thankfulness with the release of film, 'You're so precious to me'.

The film, 'You're so precious to me', released on May 12, is a work dealing a special encounter that began when Jaesik (Jingoo), who had nothing to fear but money, looked upon oneself as a fake father of a child 'Eunhye’ (Jeong Seo Yeon) who can't hear but feel the world with her fingertips.

In the film, Jang Yun Jeong plays a role of professional facility counselor for disabled children. She offers various classes for her but is devastated to realize that there is no legal system or welfare for Eunhye. Meeting between Eunhye and a counselor raises social awareness of the reality of being unable to embrace hearing impairment. Especially, Jang Yun Jeong contained her heart in stunned eyes that sympathizes with Eunhye's situation but cannot do anything, touching the hearts of the audience.

Jang Yun Jeong, who is standing in front of a new leap forward, said, "I'm grateful and happy just to be involved in a meaningful work. I hope that it will be an opportunity for many people to be interested in the visually-or-hearing handicapped person. I'll greet you in a better way." (Photo Credit: Rootbe Company)


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