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Thu Jul 29

What kind of food is good to enjoy with your lover?

2021-06-08 14:23:18
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[by Lim Jaeho]  When dating a lover, the thing that cannot be left out is delicious food. Good dating place and happy dating course are also important but eating delicious food and talking together is a must. What are some good foods to enjoy with lover?


As pasta is neat to eat and many people like, it is a preferred food as a date food of lovers. Since there are various kinds of pasta, as well as oil pasta, cream pasta, rose pasta, and tomato pasta, there is advantages to enjoy them according to taste and as there are also various kinds of noodles, you can have a wide choice. It is also good to enjoy with lover as it can eat with various alcoholic beverages such as wine, champagne, and beer.


Pizza is also a good food to enjoy with lovers. Pizza, a food baked with topping on the dough, is good because there are various options such as combination, bulgogi, and shrimp, according to the topping. As the dough also has thin dough, thick Chicago pizza, and cheese crust pizza with cheese on the edge of the dough, it is good to choose according to taste, which goes well with beer and is good to enjoy with lover.

Goobne Chicken

Goobne Chicken, the byword of roasted chicken, is also good to enjoy with lovers. Not only is it neat but also plain and not oily. The original menu, Goobne Chicken's bestseller, is the best taste with rich juicy taste and Red Pepper Basasak has the best with a spicy and hot taste. Goobne Chicken is available at the Tsim Sha Tsui branch, Hong Kong, and if you enjoy the chicken with a nice night view, it will be possible to enjoy a more pleasant date with lover. (Photo Credit: Outback Steak House, Mad for Garlic, Goobne Chicken Official Web Site)


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