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Thu Jul 29

Mukbang Craze, Never stops

2021-06-22 14:55:26
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[by Lim Jae Ho] YouTube is the best killing time platform whenever you're on a diet or bored. If lying down and watching YouTube without any thought, you don't know as well how time goes. It is a Mukbang that is constantly loved in the flood of various contents. Mukbang that you don't know why you watch other people eat, but if you keep watching, you fall in love without realizing it and keep watching it. What kinds of Mukbang content are popular these days?

Shaolin Temple Chef

Chef Shaolin, a high school student who is emerging as a Mukbang YouTuber. She has recently drawn attention as she is cute and lovely to eat nonchalantly. As she is blessed with algorithms and exposed to many people, the number of views has been also increasing recently. Since it is nicknamed K-high-teen because she eats chicken, pizza, and various convenience store foods like a cute high school student, if you enjoy Mukbang, why don't you enjoy watching it?


Leetwins, twin Mukbang YouTubers. It is both interesting and interesting to see the twin sisters eating the same thing. Since two persons share one food, they also evaluate the taste separately. Therefore, one of the fun things to watch is that the reviews of the food vary according to their tastes. If you want a different Mukbang, let's watch Leetwins sisters' Mukbang.

Goobne Chicken, also loved by Mukbang Youtubers

Even though numerous foods appear in Mukbang, but it is a definitely chicken that cannot be left out. Goobne Chicken's Red Pepper Basasak and Original menus are consistently beloved steady sellers and bestsellers. The original menu is a chicken that is very attractive with its plain and rich juices, and Red Pepper Basasak is a highly addictive with its  pungent spicy taste. Why don't you meet Goobne Chicken, which is also loved by Mukbang YouTubers, at the Goobne Chicken branch, located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong? (Photo Credit: Shaolin Temple Chef, Leetwins YouTube Channel, Goobne Chicken Official Website)


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